Nissemann, 2016/2017-edition



NISSEMAN is back!  By popular request it will be similar to previous years.  However  with the new features & a hall full of awesome  high  class athletes it’s going  to be bigger and badder than ever!  
Dates: Nov 12 2016, Dec 17 2016, Jan 14 2017, Feb 11 2017, Mar 11 2017.

The timing is the perfect 6 weeks rest period before re-starting winter base training  for all those Barcelonites completing their Ironman on 2 October.  

This year there will be a few new things you need to pay attention to:     

– It is required to wear either a nisseman bike top or a  triathlon finisher t-shirts at the spinning as bragging rights.

– There will be a you tube channel and a spotify channel set up to allow you to suggest videos and songs for the session. 

– Anybody displaying a Nisseman tattoo gets free entry. 

– There will be a «free» high quality Nisseman swim hat for all those completing 2 Nisseman sessions this winter season. Once earned it is a requirement to use it in future pool sessions.

-There will be a «free»  Nisseman bike top for all those completing all 5  Nisseman sessions this winter season.  


Like last time we meet at 08:30 for just over an hour in the pool with 200m intervals with a target of 2400m. Then its 2 hours spinning with long intervals to the traditional mix of high energy music.  Finally we run around an hour out to Isdalen and back. Approximate timing is:

Meet      08:30

Swim     08:45 – 10:00

Spin     10:15 – 12:15

Run     12:30 – 13:30

After shower and sticky recovery drinks we should be finished around 14:00.

– Remember to bring enough kit for a full change between spinning and running as wll as plenty of food and drink to keep your energy up.

– Parking advice. Bystasjon is cheapest and Greighallen is nearest.

– Also remember to bring a lock so your things are safe in the changing room.

– This year we will continue with a high level of disipline in the pool to make it better for everyone:

            – The lanes on the right are the fastest ones and the left the slowest.

            – Each lane to designate a group leader, who can change things as they see fit.

            – Program = 200m warm up, 2 x 5 x 200m ints with 30 secs pause,  200m swim out.  

            – 5 seconds between start time for each swimmer. 

            – A tap on the foot from a following swimmer means let me past at the next turn.

             – Move to a faster or slower lane  if your speed doesn’t fit.  

Once again we are limited to 50 people who need to be either Bergen triathlon club, SiB members or special guests.